Dino has been with us for 15 years, during this time he has held positions in different departments the most recent as Produce Manager and now as Front End Manager. He is definitely a committed company advocate. Dino brings a wealth of experience to the new position, and we are excited about his new role.



Kevin is our "behind the scenes" go-to guy.He keeps the store running smoothly and can fix it all! He is also our receiver.

Choose Reusable!

Choose Reusable!

Choose Reusable!

The Pound Ridge Reusable Bag Initiative

Beginning September 1st Shopping will be different in Pound Ridge.

No stores will give out single-use plastic bags

Stores will charge 15 cents for every paper check-out bag

The purpose of this law is to encourage consumers to use their own reusable bags for shopping to reduce waste and the environmental impacts associated with single use bags.

Save money and help the environment. Don’t forget to bring your reusable bag!

Did you know that Americans consume more than 100 billion plastic and 10 billion paper bags each year? Both plastic and paper bags have a serious impact on the environment.